Incredible Designer Innovations You’ll Definitely Want In Your Life

Designers seem to express their ideas in many ways. They come up with ideas for new household gadgets that are so functional.  Here are some incredible designs you may have never seen before!

A window-balcony

These rooftop windows allows them to instantly turn into a small balcony.

A chair for a large family

After the birth of his third child, Hal Taylor found it uncomfortable to read fairy tales to his children in an ordinary chair. He solves the problem by inventing a rocking chair with two additional seats for children.

The mattress that lets you cuddle properly

The slats in the Cuddle Mattress allow couples to cuddle without disturbing each other’ sleep. And if you who like sleeping on your side, you’ll love this!

Umbrellas with a hidden pattern

These patterns are only become visible when the umbrella gets wet.

Nameless paints

Japanese designers have produced “Nameless Paints” for children. The small tubes aren’t labeled with the final color,  and others with the colors that need to be mixed to get the one that’s inside the tube. The inventors believe the design develops the imagination and allows children to understand how different colors blend.

The Moon lamp

This realistic lamp in the form of the moon is just the thing for romantic people. You can hand the from the walls or ceilings or place it on the floor.  It’s available in seven different sizes.

The wooden bottle

With the help of this oak bottle, you can improve the taste of your beverages to a far better quality. Just pour some wine or beer into the bottle, and wait for two to 48 hours, to enjoy a much improved taste.

The universal lamp

This portable lamp comes in a garland shape and can be hung or tied to something, or simply rest it on a table. Its LED lights are waterproof and illuminate the surrounding area perfectly.

The washing machine with a special door to load more clothes

Do you ever load the laundry in the machine, turn it on, and then suddenly find you forgot to put something in?  These clever designers have finally came up with an ingenious solution by adding a small additional door!

An amazing chandelier

This beautiful chandelier is in the shape of a huge grape vine!  It really is quite exquisite!

The anti-stress ball with zoom effect

This stress ball has very detailed maps drawn on the surface, but to see them you have to squeeze the ball very hard.

Containers with a stopwatch

Test your willpower with these containers that can only be opened at time you set!

Chairs inspired by Picasso

Designers were inspired by the images of inseparable lines found in the works of Pablo Picasso. Each chair consists of a single metal tube bent, with a seat of a matching color attached.

The universal cover

This cover is made to most of the pots you have at home.  When something needs boiling, the unique interior surface allows you to easily drain the water.

How to take perfect pictures with your dog

The creators of the Pooch Selfie have found an ingenious solution to taking selfies with your pup.  They’ve invented a device that attaches your pet’s favorite ball to your phone.

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