How To Free Up Space On Your iPhone Without Deleting Photos

It’s great to have an iPhone, but we all dread that message telling us we’re low on space.  How do you clear up space? 

1. You can rent a movie – without actually renting it

Because Apple isn’t going to let lack of space stop them from getting your money for a movie rental, their OS automatically clears up cached data to clear up space for your rental. All you need to do is go through the steps of renting a title, but don’t actually take the final step and pay for it. This easily clears up  3 GB of space.

2. Make sure to delete unused/unnecessary applications

You certainly have apps you haven’t used in forever, get rid of them! Apps build up their own data over time and can turn 45 MB file into a 1.5 GB monster in no time.

3. Be sure to delete old texts

Even though iMessage promises unlimited storage of your old texts, do you really need them?Go to Settings–>Messages and change the settings to something other than “Forever.”

4. Don’t use My Photo Stream

This feature causes your recently taken photos to be stored twice on your phone.  This is a waste since all you need to do is sync photos between your iPhone and iPad.