Moments Before A Big Interview, This Man Does The Unthinkable

Have you ever missed out on a chance to make a rude person’s day slightly worse? Sometimes, out of politeness, we miss out on giving someone what they deserve, even if we regret it later.

Here’s a story from someone who took their shot where it paid off big time…

So earlier today I was crossing the street, when some douchebag started honking at me while he was trying to make a left. It was out of nowhere and I had the right of way. I was walking at a brisk pace since I was running a bit late to an interview across said street.

I would have been out of his way in 2 seconds, but he decided to honk at me multiple times. I do not know this person, and he stared at me with a straight face the whole time. I had 15 seconds left on the light so I proceeded to fix my tie, check my phone, and shine my shoe while the guy kept laying on the horn.

Light turns yellow, and without looking at him, I literally skip to the street (I am a fat guy so it was hilarious).

I enter the building straight ahead, and get in the elevator. A man and his group asks if I can hold the elevator, so I did. When he gets in he tells me “don’t worry, we won’t honk at you.” We talk about what just happened and how the guy was totally red. We were all laughing. I tell him how I was running late, but that it was totally worth it.

We get out of the elevator on the same floor. As I said goodbye, I approached the receptionist to ask where the interview was taking place. She asks the person behind me, who was the man in the elevator.

Turns out he was the one hiring for the office position. He on the spot tells me “you’re hired.”

I start tomorrow.

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