After He Paid For This Elderly Lady’s Meal, She Paid It Forward In A Huge Way

This helpful young man had payed for the meal of an old lady in good faith at a Mcdonalds. But never thought this would happen days later.

So last week I had shared the story about paying for the lady at McDonald’s food in the drive thru. Well, today about half an hour ago the store director called my work phone and usually when he calls me it’s something stupid. Well, there was an elderly man who needed his car jump started, so I jumped on the opportunity because I love to help people. I ran to my car and didn’t find my jumped cables. I went inside and grabbed a pair of jumper cables and went to the checkout lane. The lady in front of me grabbed the cables and said “last week someone at McDonald’s paid it forward when I needed it, so it’s my turn to help”I just started in shock. I then told her that I had paid for someone’s meal last week at McDonald’s and it was a #8 with a large sweet tea. She stared tearing up and told me what she had been going through and how last week was one of worst in her life and how that small act made her week so much better! God told me to pay for her meal, and I wasn’t sure why. Now I know! I thanked her back to paying it forward. I’m not an emotional person but hearing her story made me tear up a bit. I ran outside. Got in my car and ran to the elderly man who had needed help. I get there and jump start his car. He gets out and tells me his wife had passed away a few weeks ago and was struggling with everything and how his car started acting up and how no one would help him until I came along to help him and how appreciative he was. He hugged me and wouldn’t let go and told me how badly he needed a hug. Yes, I feared up…Again…

It amazes me how God uses people.A few months ago I was that person! I was that person struggling and needed help! Whatever you’re going through I promise you will make it And God can and will use you in awesome ways!!

pay it forward

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