Husband Abruptly Jumps Out Of Car, Wife Realizes Situation And Quickly Grabs Camera.

Chris Carter was returning home from grocery shopping with his wife, Tara, and their two young children when he suddenly stopped the car, got out, and told Tara to go home and come back a later to pick him up.

husband kind act elderly

Tara was stunned but before she left, she understood why Chris wanted to stop and leave his family for a short time.

Chris saw that a very elderly man was struggling with mowing his yard. Chris asked if he could finish the job for the man and he did.

Tara was so proud of her husband. Her eyes beamed with pride, and she made sure to explain to her children that what their daddy was doing. Tara said that her husband is a very giving and caring person and that this particular act of kindness was all in his nature. She also emphasized that he never does anything to seek attention. Rather, he does it, because he genuinely cares.

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