Jeff Probst Wife: The Beautiful Lisa Ann Russell 2022

Jeff probst wife

Jeff Probst Wife: The Beautiful Lisa Ann Russell 2022

Lisa Ann Russell is best known as the wife of Jeff Probst, the host of the hit reality show Survivor. But there’s more to Lisa Ann Russell than just being married to a TV star. Read on to get to know more about who Jeff Probst’s wife is.

Who is Lisa Ann Russell?

Lisa Ann, the 50-year-old former model and actress, was born in Illinois but moved to California with aspirations of taking up modeling and acting.

In addition to her work as a model and actress, Lisa is also a philanthropist and an advocate for adoption. She has worked with several charities, including the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and hiking. Jeff and Lisa are pleased together and excel at raising their children.


Full name: Lisa Ann Russell

Age: 50 years old

Date of Birth: March 21, 1972

Place of Birth: Sterling, Illinois

Profession: Model, Actress, Television Host

Net worth: $2 million

Husband: Jeff Probst

Kids:  Son Michael (born in 2004) and daughter Ava (born in 2006)

Height: 5 feet, 2 inches

Weight: 110 lbs

Zodiac sign: Aries

Jeff probst wife

Early Life and Education

Lisa Ann Russell was born on March 21, 1972, in Sterling, Illinois. She is the daughter of Jack Russell and his wife, Sharon Russell. Her father is a former police officer, while her mother is a homemaker. Lisa grew up alongside her two siblings in her hometown and attended local schools for her primary education.

After graduating from high school, Lisa Ann Russell began pursuing a career in modeling and acting. She moved to California to pursue her dreams and landed some roles for Revlon. However, she decided to go to college after a while and majored in broadcast journalism.

Jeff probst wife


Lisa Ann Russell started her career as a model and actress. She landed roles for Revlon before attending college. She is a talented actress featured in movies and TV shows such as Twisted Love (1995), Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights (1998), and more. She made an appearance on Jeff Probst’s show in 2013.

Jeff probst wife

Marriage and Family

Lisa Ann was married to actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar. The two have two children together, 16-year-old Michael and 14-year-old Ava. The couple met when they attended producer Mark Burnett’s holiday party.

On June 18, two weeks after declaring their separation, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Lisa Ann Russell officially announced their divorce. After 14 years of marriage, former “Saved by the Bell” actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar and his wife Lisa Ann Russell have divorced. In later years, Lisa got married to Jeff Probst. Many people never even knew who Jeff Probst dated in the first place. The Survivor host was good at keeping his personal life under wraps.

Jeff probst wife

What is Lisa Ann Russell’s ethnicity?

Lisa is of mixed ethnicity. Her father is Irish, and her mother is Italian.

Jeff probst wife

Jeff Probst’s Wife, Lisa Ann Russell

Lisa Ann Russell has been Jeff Probst’s wife since Dec. 5, 2011. The pair exchanged vows in a private Los Angeles home at a short ceremony, a spokesman for the couple told People. Russell was 40 years old, and Probst was 50 at the time.

Both were in a second marriage; Probst had previously wed Shelly Wright, a psychiatrist, in 1996, and the two had separated in 2001, the year that Survivor premised. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, known for his role in Saved by the Bell, was formerly married to Russell. Michael and Ava were their two children together.

He discussed shared parenting with Gosselaar in a 2012 interview with Larry King on Hulu’s Larry King Now. Jeff shared some positive news about his blended family on this special.

“They were together almost 20 years,” Probst said of Russell and Gosselaar, according to E!. “They had a long marriage and raised these two young kids. They raised them with the kind of love that—the kids they see me, and he’s now remarried, his wife—they see us as two more parents,” Jeff told E!. (Gosselaar married Catriona McGinn in 2012.) The blended family has a very peaceful home life, Jeff explained.

Although Probst doesn’t have his children, it seems like he is close with Russell’s. They even refer to him as “dad.” This was a practice they began testing before Probst and Russell became a married couple. The two kids of Mark Paul’s and Lisa’s previous marriage are just as much family members as any biological children would be, according to the American reality show host.

Probst said to King that “they were playing with it.” When we were married, when this ring was placed on my finger, Michael looked up and said, “Dad,” I could see that he now recognized that this significant event was official and genuine. Sometimes it would be dad, other times it would be Jeff, dad two, or other times it would be D-2.

American television personality Probst referred to Michael and Ava as his kids when appearing as a guest on Rachael Ray. “We’re a mixed family, so they are technically—not exactly, they are my stepkids—I think of them as mine, which is insane, but then they have this other family…but I always have to remember they have a dad,” he further said.

Jeff probst wife

How did Jeff Probst and Lisa Ann Russell meet in the first place?

They didn’t meet until Mark Burnett’s Christmas party. Then, however, they did on the set of Survivor. Jeff said that his first meeting with Lisa was excellent and that their chemistry immediately connected. He continued by saying that the party’s atmosphere also contributed.

He expressed his opinion on Mark Burnett’s Christmas party in his interview with People, calling it “the weirdest Christmas party I’ve ever seen” and amazed at the attendees, calling them “eclectic.” Mark Burnett invited a wide variety of personalities to that party, so it seemed to be fateful that Probst and Russell would meet. He classifies it as the “craziest Christmas party” he’s ever attended.

He just happened to see Lisa and her two friends at that gathering, but they immediately hit it off. So Jeff married Lisa despite being aware she already had two children from a previous marriage. “I married the right person,” Jeff even stated.

In his interview with Larry King, Jeff clearly stated: “And then one day I met this lady, and it happened. And she had two kids from her marriage…they (Lisa’s kids) just see us as two more parents.” He seemed pleased with the way his marriage to Lisa had turned out.

Their marriage was said to be in trouble at times because of Jeff’s participation on Survivor, according to a media rumor that surfaced. According to reports, Jeff spent too much time away from home filming Survivor, upsetting Lisa. But it remained just a rumor.

Jeff probst wife

Then, in his interview with GQ, Jeff clarified his statement: “The biggest misconception is that I’m gone all the time. I’m only gone for almost four months, and that’s it. Then I’m home.” The fact that Jeff and Lisa’s marriage was still going strong as nothing happened was further evidence in favor of it. We can only hope that their marriage survives, given this information. Finger crossed!

Jeff probst wife

Did Jeff Probst have kids with Lisa? 

Jeff Probst has no biological children with Lisa, but he is the stepdad to Lisa’s kids.

Jeff probst wife

Did Lisa Ann Russell want Jeff Probst to quit Survivor?

Lisa Ann wanted Jeff to retire as host of Survivor. A source told the outlet that Lisa wants him home permanently, but Jeff loves his crazy job so much. In addition, Lisa needs his help now that her kids and Probst’s stepchildren are teenagers heading into their college years. She says the family doesn’t really need any Survivor money, and they’re set for life.

Jeff has been on the show for over 40 seasons, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down. He recently mentioned in a tweet the “dawn of a new era” and no way to describe Survivor Season 41, except an entirely new game. The new season’s formula has bred “a faster, more dangerous and much more intense game,” he told Parade in August 2021. Look for very concentrated periods of excitement as next season shoots.

“The players have a lot of new elements to contend with in Survivor 41. But we had so much fun! It was as if we were creating a brand-new game.” he mentioned to Entertainment Weekly in September 2021. Recently, Jeff revealed to The New York Times that he wanted the viewers of ‘Survivor’ “to see a new era with [Season] 41 even before the pandemic.

Lisa Ann will not be getting her request of Jeff to quit ‘Survivor’ anytime soon.

Jeff probst wife

Final Thoughts

Jeff Probst and Lisa Ann Russell’s marriage is going strong, despite rumors to the contrary. Jeff is a devoted husband and stepfather, and Lisa supports his career. While she would like him to retire from Survivor, it doesn’t seem like that will happen anytime soon. The couple appears to have a solid relationship built on trust and respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Lisa Ann Russell and Jeff Probst meet?

They didn’t meet until Mark Burnett’s Christmas party. Then, however, they did on the set of Survivor. They began dating shortly after and got married in 2011. They were both previously married to other people.

What does Lisa Ann Russell do for a living?

Lisa is a former model and actress. These days, she works as an interior designer.

What did Jeff Probst do after Survivor?

He was the host and executive producer of the Jeff Probst Show. It only lasted one season.

How many children does Lisa Ann Russell have?

Lisa has two children from her previous marriage to actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Lisa and Jeff have no children together.

What was Lisa Ann Russell’s first job?

Lisa’s first job was as a model. However, she has also worked as an actress, appearing in shows like Saved by the Bell and Melrose Place.

What are some of Lisa Ann Russell’s hobbies?

Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and working on her home decor business.

Did Jeff Probst marry a contestant?

From 1996 until 2001, Probst was wed to his first wife, a psychotherapist named Shelly Wright. He then started dating Julie Berry in 2004, after the last episode of Survivor: Vanuatu aired. So he dated a former Survivor contestant, but they were never married. Early in 2008, they split up. On December 5, 2011, Probst wed Lisa Ann Russell, his second wife.