Jeff Probst’s Wife Lisa Ann Russell Asks Him To Quit His Job As ‘Survivor’ Host

Jeff Probst is one of the most well-known and successful producers/hosts of all time. His iconic show, Survivor has been on for over 40 seasons. Jeff couldn’t have done it without his sassy, go-to button-down shirt and of course the love of a good woman. He dated a former Survivor Contestant before meeting his current wife, Lisa Ann Russell. The 59-year-old Jeff Probst has been married previously to Shelly Wright from 1996-2001.

lisa ann russell

Lisa Ann, the 48-year old former model, and actress was born in Illinois but moved to California with aspirations of taking on modeling/acting. She landed roles for Revlon before attending college. She is a talented actress who has been featured in movies and TV shows such as Twisted Love (1995), Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights (1998), and more. She made an appearance on Jeff Probst’s show in 2013.

Lisa Ann was married to actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar for 15 years. The two have two children together, 16-year-old Michael and 14-year-old Ava. The couple met when they attended producer Mark Burnett’s holiday party.

Lisa Ann wanted Jeff to retire as host of Survivor. A source told the outlet that Lisa wants him home permanently but Jeff loves his crazy job so much. Lisa needs his help more than ever now that her kids and Probst’s stepchildren are teenagers. She says the family doesn’t need any of the Survivor money, they’re set for life.

lisa ann russell

Jeff has been on the show for over 40 seasons and it doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down. He recently mentioned in a tweet that said, “dawn of a new era” and no way to describe 41st Survivor except an entirely new game. The new season’s formula has bred “a faster, more dangerous and much more intense game.” He told Parade in August 2021.

“The players have a lot of new elements to contend with in Survivor 41. We had so much fun! It was as if we were creating a brand-new game.” he mentioned to Entertainment Weekly in September 2021. Recently, Jeff revealed to The New York Times that he wanted the viewers of the ‘Survivor’ “to see a new era with [Season] 41 even before the pandemic.

lisa ann russell

It is very clear that Lisa Ann will not be getting her request of Jeff to quit ‘Survivor’ anytime soon.

Jeff Probst Past Relationship

He met his ex-girlfriend, Julie Berry on Survivor in 2004. They had a short relationship that ended in 2008 when Jeff emailed her as soon as the show was over – so at least they kept their professionalism during the filming Process according to People Magazine.

lisa ann russell

“Once we started spending some time together, I didn’t have any doubt … all the questions about how you meet and any potential obstacles, they fade away like an old dry leaf. “I’m with her. I’m with her family, and there ain’t no turning back. When you find it, you know, and now I get it.” Jeff told the celeb news outlet. Jeff and Julie made it official at the Survivor: Vanuatu reunion, according to Men’s Health.

lisa ann russell

After a little less than four years later, Jeff and Julie broke up, but it is unclear why the two decided to go their separate ways. They are both quiet about the split which is understandable given their privacy needs. Since then Julie has pursued being a story assistant as well as a producer on a couple of shows like Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor.

In February 2018, Julie and The Bachelorette’s Kasey Stewart broke a world record after they flew across seven continents in just three days, 20 hours, and four minutes and 19 seconds. So it sounds like Julie and Jeff found what works best for them both.

lisa ann russell

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