Erin Payne Is Actor Jake Johnson’s Wife

erin payne

One of many sacrifices you will make if you intend to be a celebrity in your field is laying down privacy on the altar. Jake Johnson’s wife, doesn’t have to do that, though. Jake’s wife has found a way to stay off the eyes of the world in terms of privacy, even though her husband is a popular figure. Erin Payne, Jake Johnson’s wife is a brilliant and gorgeous woman. She has also built herself up to be one of the best in her field, which makes for an incredible career.

All you need to know about Erin Payne.

Erin Payne, the wife of popular American Hollywood Actor and Comedian Jake Johnson is a painter. She made her name as an artist by creating beautiful paintings on different subjects like landscapes or family scenes among others. Details about her early life are not available but she was born in San Diego California where she currently lives with her husband and children.

erin payne

“I had pursued a lot of different interests including art in undergrad. It was during the time after school that I realized art was the only thing that I was willing to sacrifice comfort and money for. It also allowed me to pursue all of my interests within it. I was hooked.” Erin is inspired by her husband’s hard work and dedication to their dreams as well as his humility. She also said that her husband “is actually a very good ceramic sculptor,” too.

Jake and Erin’s love life is a mystery, but we do know they’ve been together for “a while.” When asked how long this time period was by Glamour Magazine Jake responded with: “My business is personal,” he said.

erin payne

“I think you can meet the right girl at the wrong time, and it gets screwed up,” he said. “If you meet the right girl at the wrong time, that girl has to be the most understanding person in the world because there’s going to be a lot more bumps in the road. And, hey, it might be the right time for the guy and not for the girl … Both people have to be ready, and they might not think they’re ready … that’s why I think it’s the right girl first.”


A little more insight into their relationship dynamics when discussing ‘Drinking Buddies.’

“Listen, my wife doesn’t drink,” he said. “I don’t think a girl’s desire to drink or not has any effect on guys.” A guy continued by saying that his perspective was nothing like what the author thought it would be on this matter and how most of the party together without girls present as well.

“Now, if somebody was against drinking [period], that’s something altogether different because a guy thinks, I don’t want them to judge me or be a buzzkill to my night,” he said. “But if it’s somebody who just doesn’t do much of drinking or it’s not really high on their priority list then what happens is obviously when you’re out and the person has two drinks they’ll already start loosening up.”

“And if the other person gets that look on their face like, ‘Ugh, this is annoying,’ while they’re getting drunk then that’s your cue. The disconnect isn’t about whether or not she wanted to drink it was just a miscommunication,” he concluded.

erin payne

Jake and Erin are parents to two twin daughters who were born in 2014, according to a 2020 interview with Us Weekly. Erin Payne may prefer the life of a private painter, but it looks like she’d do just as well as a producer. Perhaps we’ll hear more about her in the future—until then, we’ll have to keep our ears perked for clues from Johnson.