While In The Grocery Line He Paid For Elderly Woman’s Food

A few years ago I was in line behind an elderly lady with a young boy in her cart while checking out for groceries. She was being exceedingly slow, paying for change and coupons. I had all of one item, and hers was the only short line. I didn’t realize that it was clear because people kept abandoning the line.

I wasn’t in a hurry or anything, but slow is slow, and I kind of grumbled inside a bit. But I actually started paying a bit of attention and realized she was deciding what she couldn’t take. Ended up being milk, orange, a few cans of corn, and a few other simple things.

The cashier set the stuff in the ‘take back’ box, and they left. As the cashier scanned my one item, I had her give me all the take-back stuff in a bag too. Cashier grinned and hurried, I ran off after them.

Caught up with them just outside the building and I told her she forgot a bag and put it in her cart. And then quickly walked off before she said anything.

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