We Can All Learn From Emma Watson’s United Nations Speech

Most of us know Emma Watson for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. That is changing very quickly, as the actress starts using her reach to change the world for the better.

Her speech on gender equality for the United Nations was widely applauded, and gathered a lot of momentum.

emma watson


emma watson

Her quotes on gender equality issues were inspirational. On the impact of gender inequality: “There’s a lack of a sense of urgency around this issue. We’re not really understanding what a huge impact this has all over the world. It’s one of the biggest contributors to poverty, to violence, to discrimination. It hinders development and progress all over the world.”

But now Watson has set her sights on environment and ethics with her sustainable clothing line, “People Tree”.

emma watson

She has visited her partners in Bangladesh to see them in action and support their ethical treatment.

Emma’s new clothing line provides these workers with fair trade and an ethical workplace. Here she is learning the ropes of handmade clothing from one of the workers that People Tree employs.

emma watson

She wanted to get an inside look into the lives of these laborers, and their day to day trials.

Her mission is to not only to provide sustainable and ethical jobs for people, but to also positively impact the environment while doing so.

Emma Watson is truly an inspiration.

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