Lotto Winner Of £10,000-A-Month Over 30 Years Will Use The Money In A Touching Way

The first-ever winner of the Lottery’s Set For Life to go public plans to spend some of his £10,000-a-month for 30 years on looking after his severely autistic brother.

Amazon worker Dean Weymes hadn’t bothered to check his numbers on the evening of the competition and arrived to work as normal at 7 am on July 30.

But when he finally did check, during his first break of the day, he said that he realized: ‘I don’t have to be here if I don’t want to be here.’

lottery winner set for life

Dean Weymes plans to spend some of the money from his Set For Life win (pictured right, the cheque) on his autistic brother, Robert

The movie buff from Peterborough, who studied Video and Film at university in Dundalk, in Ireland, said he hopes the money will help improve the life of his 23-year-old brother, Robert.

He said: ‘Robert has severe autism – it is about as serious as it gets. He is mainly non-verbal but can say a few names and certain words, but he is like a baby.

‘He is 6’3 tall and quite stocky, and he can get aggressive, and he can hurt himself and others. He grabs a hold of you and it is very difficult. He takes it out on himself. It’s tough.

‘My parents (Tom and Paula) are getting on a bit now, so it is difficult for them.

lottery winner set for life

Robert (left) is mainly non-verbal

‘If they could have regular services that they could even have a break so it is not 24/7. Just to have the best-trained professionals to take care of him would make the world of difference.’

Mr Weymes works shifts and weekends for the retail giant but now says he wants to use his winnings to be more creative.

He made a documentary about Robert when he was at university, called The Thief, which he said ‘went viral’ in his native Ireland. And after quitting work, Dean is now planning to start a career as a screenwriter.

Now he hopes that, with this new financial stability, he can make that dream a reality.

He says that as well as his trip to Disneyland and his skydive he is planning a balloon ride.

‘I have a trip already booked for Disneyland Paris with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew – and this win will mean lots of extra spending money,’ he said. ‘I am now worry free for the rest of my life!’

Recalling the day when he found he had won, Mr. Weymes said: ‘I take my first break after 11 am, I went out, got my phone out and checked my numbers, and found out I had won.

lottery winner set for life

Mr Weymes (pictured celebrating with a Coca-Cola) is the first Set For Life winner to go public and says he’s started ticking off his bucket list

‘My break is 15 minutes, but I think I did a break abuse, I think by about 10 minutes. I went back in, sat on my computer for five minutes, and said “I’m sick” and went home.

‘The following day I went in to quit, I went to HR and said I have to leave, they said to fill out the form, which said ‘why are you leaving?’

‘I wrote ‘won Lottery/retirement?’ and they were like ‘you can’t put this down’ – I think they thought I was putting a joke reason.’

He is the fourth person to win the top prize since the game launched in March, and the first of them to go public.

The stunned winner said he couldn’t believe it when he matched every one of his numbers and a Life Ball.

‘It is just incredible,’ he said. ‘I am 24 and I am now literally set for life! After discovering my win I knew exactly what I was going to do next. Getting £10,000 every month allows me to start working through my bucket list.’

lottery winner set for life

Mr Weymes (pictured) says he’s already planned a trip to Disneyland and a tandem sky dive

His winning numbers were: 18, 21, 23, 34, 39 and the Life Ball that sealed the deal was: 3.

It his first time ever playing the game online when he netted the life-changing sum of money.

Mr. Weymes is the first person to go public as a winner since the National Lottery introduced the new competition in January this year.

Players pick five numbers from one to 47 and a Life Ball from one to 10, with prizes beginning from £5 for matching two numbers.

If a player matches five numbers without the Life Ball, they win £10,000 per month for one year.

In the event that a winner dies before all winnings are paid, the cash will go straight into their estate.

lottery winner set for life

Dean Weymes (pictured meeting Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins at a signing) is the first ever Set for Life winner to go public

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