Fast Food Worker Instinctively Helped Grieving Customer

My family and I went out to eat at carl’s jr in Santa Rosa CA on the corner of Farmers Lane and Patio ct. We were eating when I observed a worker cleaning the dining area. I also noticed a lady customer with earphones on, phone in her hand, and a computer in front of her. I noticed the employee try talking to the lady customer she took off her earphones and the employer asked how she was doing. The customer proceeded to tell her that someone close to her died (not confirmed if it was a husband or just someone close). That he died and they found him dead in his house a week later. The customer was crying and really hurt by her loss. It touched me because this woman (the employee) stopped her work to engage with this woman. See how she was doing.

And I didn’t just walk away after her telling her that. She comforted her. Put her hand on the woman’s back and rubbed her back and told her she’s sorry for her loss etc. She actually cared. Most people would have ignored her. Just continued to work. Not caring just trying to get home. Her customer service to me deserves some recognition. Not only does she work hard by what I witnessed. Her name is Rita. Didn’t get the last name but if more people could be like her. Work or not and genuinely care about other people; this world wouldn’t be so harsh. I will be calling corporate and letting them know she needs recognition. Everybody share so this gets around. !!! Please and thank you.

care for strangers

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