Beautiful Acts Of Kindness From 2016 That Prove There Is Still Hope For Humanity

When it comes to kindness, there is never a deed that’s too small or insignificant. Each selfless good deed makes our world a better place.

Here are some real-life stories of kindness that we would like to share with you.

Cat lover shared her home with 1,100 rescue cats

acts of kindness

Lynea Lattanzi, started fostering cats all the way back in 1992. She is a vet technician who takes care of her cats and then tries to find new families for them. Lynea founded her “No-Cage, No Kill Sanctuary For Feral And Abandoned Cats” and ran it solo for years without any financial help. Today,  the sanctuary has  sponsors, veterinary technicians and cat-loving volunteers to keep the project going. Currently, Lynea shares her house with more than 1,000 cats, and each and every one of them is healthy, well-fed and very much loved.

A cleaning company offers free cleaning services for women with cancer

acts of kindness

Debbie Sardone, is the founder of a company for women with cancer.  She came up with the idea when one of her clients called to tell her that she had to cancel the cleaning services because she needed to save money for her cancer treatment. It was that day Debbie decided to provide women who fight cancer with free cleaning services. She believes that women should be able to focus on their treatment process and not worry about house keeping. Starting form 2006 the company has cleaned over 19,000 women’s homes, costing about $5.5 million.

A 12-year-old girl fighting a rare aging disease became best friends with a Weightlifter

acts of kindness

Lindsay suffers from a rare genetic disorder that ages the body 8-10 times faster than normal, called Progeria,. David “The Beast“ is an ex-marine-turned-powerlifter. Their paths crossed when they met at Relentless, a sponsored powerlifting event to benefit children with rare diseases.  They became instant friends and became inseparable. ”Lindsay became my lil sis since day one,” Douglas says. “There are no words to describe how I feel about her. She has pulled me out of rough spots just by thinking of her. That is a priceless gift.”

A woman took a stray dog home. It changed the lives of both.

acts of kindness

Valia Orfanidou spotted a stray dog in the suburbs of Athens, Greece. The poor dog was in a very poor condition, but approached her anyway.  Petra (the dog’s name) was suffering from many diseases and had obvious trust issues.  Because Valia refused to give up on her, only a few months later the dog was completely transformed! Petra became a loving, friendly and, thankful dog. All due to the power of love…

Every week this man bought a cup of coffee for a homeless guy, who then ’paid’ him back

acts of kindness

Joe Wilson has breakfast in his favorite café every day.  And every day, he stops to have small talk with a homeless guy, Daniel, who sold magazines on the street corner. If it was cold out, Joe would buy Daniel a cup of hot coffee. One Saturday morning Joe came to the cafe for breakfast, as usual, and he was in for quite a surprise when he went to pay the bill. The waitress told him that his breakfast had already been paid for. Daniel had recently won 20 pounds on a lottery card and wanted to thank Joe for always being supportive of him.

This zoologist took an orphaned baby elephant into her house

acts of kindness

After this baby elephant almost drowned while trying to cross a flooded river, rangers and brought to Roxy. They named the baby elephant Moyo. He is just like a puppy; playful and curious about everything around him.  He is now very much loved and cared for at his new home.

Argentinian football player made this Afghan boy’s dream come true

acts of kindness

When a photo of Murtaza Ahmadi, 5, became an internet sensation, it was because of what he was wearing.  In the photo the boy was wearing his handmade Lionel Messi shirt made of a plastic bag. When Messi, the footbal celebrity, saw the photo, he decided to give his young fan an authentic T-shirt with his very own autograph, promptly delivered by UNICEF.

A firefighter saved a Husky that fell through ice in Boston Harbor

acts of kindness

Sean Coyle, a Boston firefighter, was courageous enough to rescue Sylvie, a 13-year-old Husky, using a snow sled on thin ice. Thanks to him, the dog and her owner are now happily reunited.

A student helped a man get through a panic attack

acts of kindness

While Godfrey Coutto, a student from Ontario, Canada, was on a bus, a man called Robert approached him.  He took Godfrey’s hand and sat right next to him. At first, Godfrey freaked out, until he realized that Robert simply needed help. He later found out that Robert is deaf and suffers cerebral palsy. The jam-packed bus frightened Robert and he needed someone to help him through a stressful situation.

A motorhead saved an abandoned dog

acts of kindness

Brandon was on his way to his father’s house when he spotted a truck driver beating up a tiny white terrier on the side of the road. He immediatley approached the poor dog, picked him up and wrapped him in his own jacket. Brandon named his new friend Mr.Davidson and their friendship has only been growing ever since.

This woman gives abandoned children a new home

acts of kindness

Cori Salchert had overcome a serious disease.  Because of it, she no longer works as a nurse. That didn’t stop this courageous woman and her husband from taking care of children with life-limiting or terminal diagnoses, whose parents abandoned them. They have both devoted their lives to helping terminally ill children.

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