Woman Instantly Joins A Young Man When He Said This To Her At Lunch

So we were out to lunch, and it was super crowded. There were quite a few groups of people at the door waiting to be seated and then there was this lady who was alone. Out of nowhere, this young man gets up and walks up to the lady and says, “I have three empty seats at my table, would you like to sit with me, so you don’t have to wait?”

Cue the four of us at our table with our hearts melting as he ushers her over to his table and pulls out the chair next to him, not across from him, to sit down. Periodically while we ate, we looked over to see them alternatively sitting quietly and chatting with ease.

Will all the ridiculousness happening in our country, it was nice to see and be reminded that there are still good people out there.

stranger kindness

This is really what Americans are like – despite what the media wants us to believe.

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