Her Teenage Daughter Saw A Young Man Sitting In The Sweltering Heat And Wanted To Help

We were on the way home, and my 14-year-old daughter saw an elementary kid sitting under a tree in a shopping center. She said it’s too hot. Mama stop the car. She then asked the boy where are your parents? The boy said I don’t know. She said, “Can you call them?” He said I only have my dad’s number. She let him call his dad also not standing too close so he wouldn’t be afraid. Then she told him to get off the street and go in front of the Rite Aid so strangers won’t try to get him and he can run to the store if need be. Then she said mama let’s wait til he gets picked up and I might have to get him some water if it’s not soon. This is why I will never let a person tear me down as a mother. This is just confirmation of the kind of children I’m raising.

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