Digital Princess Locked All Her Social Media Accounts After A Tweet Went Viral

There are many things to consider when it comes to internet fame, one of the biggest challenges is that personal information you didn’t plan on putting out there can be accidentally revealed. This happened recently for our favorite content creator Digital Princxss (Marissa Cloutier) who went viral after revealing some things she likely would have preferred to keep private online.

digital princess

So, why did Digital Princxss lock all her social media accounts?

A Twitter user named Allison posted a tweet about Marissa that read, “Why is @digitalprincxss trying so hard to cover up that she was arrested for leaving her son home alone while she went out with friends and her neighbors found him alone and crying #marissacloutier #pokeprincxss #digitalprincxss stop letting rich people cover up their s—y doings.”

Marissa’s mugshot and arrest records went viral, prompting Digital Princess to follow up with a TikTok confession that she was actually arrested for neglecting her child but she insisted that not all you see on the internet is true. She said, “I know there are a lot of things being posted online, and they are very much out of context and very much untrue. Please do not believe everything that you would read on the internet.”

digital princess

Another Twitter user-supported Allison’s post saying, “The police report says she wasn’t home but she told me she was home asleep? Hmm?”. She also posted a screenshot of Marissa asking her to delete her Tiktok video about the arrest so people don’t take it out of context.

The streaming mother insisted she was innocent, she said, “They obviously arrested me for ‘Neglect of a child‘ but will have the charge dropped since I was in the house just asleep. It was an accident but I’m choosing not to speak up about it until later. My address is listed on it.” The former followers of Digital Princxss immediately expressed their disappointment and disgust on Twitter. Within 24 hours, Marissa locked all social media accounts to the public in an attempt at avoiding any more negativity directed to her.

digital princess

It was said that before Marissa locked all her social media accounts, she allegedly posted to her Instagram stories refuting claims that the boy was taken away from her care. However, one user points out a “supervising” adult in the background.

In October 2020, Marissa found herself in a legal battle with Nintendo after trying to trademark the name “Pokeprincxss.” A cease-and-desist letter came down from them for infringing on their copyright laws when she began selling merchandise.

digital princess

Marissa decided to re-brand and the issue was settled. She documented the situation on her Youtube account. It appears that the majority of Marissa’s social media is private to this day, but she has left her YouTube channel untouched.

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