Internet Sensation Derek Trendz Are Making Adults With Boring Jobs Jealous

TikTok is a platform that will take you down its rabbit hole if you let it. But, users like Derek Trendz on TikTok are proving just how easy it can be for people of any age to bring fame and fortune with this app.

derek trendz

It’s tough to go from being an average Joe living a 9-5 life and then all of sudden be catapulted into internet fame. But it seems like Derek has found not only success with prolonging his time as an influencer but also making it worthwhile in terms of money, popularity points, etc… All this despite still being so young.

How Old Is Derek Trendz?

Derek is a 16-year old TikTok star who creates videos about anything from fake lovers’ spats to the latest dance trend of the week. He may have been too young to be in this position but nowadays with social media and the ability to earn a legitimate income through upcoming internet sensation like him, it’s possible for anyone that has talent. Derek has a TikTok account, but he also posts on Snapchat and Instagram. He just created his own YouTube channel where Q&A-style interviews are done with Derek while trying out eclectic snacks as well! So far it’s only got about 44k subscribers so we can’t wait to see what else this guy cooks up next.

derek trendz

Derek Trendz’s Aspirations

Derek answered fan questions in his recent Youtube video while trying out a mystery box full of different sour gummy candies. He touched on various aspects of his personal life that fans might be itching to know about. He revealed his aspirations as an internet-famous teenager in the making. As a 16-year old who is seeing swift internet fame it’s not too surprising that he wants to continue with the same platform for an indefinite amount of time.

derek trendz

He said in the video, “Something I wanna accomplish in my life is… I wanna be able to live with a whole bunch of friends and just make content for you guys. Just have fun, do a whole bunch of different things with people. I just don’t wanna be held back. I just wanna do whatever I want.” Spoken like a true teenager.

Derek’s TikTok Followers

I’m not sure what Derek’s secret is, but he has 1.5 million TikTok followers and they all seem to love him. The ‘tween mop of curly hair with the casual activewear combo seems classic for any teenage boy these days. It’s a whole thing, however, Derek is going places. He’s not just an influencer, the guy has followers and videos to back it all up.

derek trendz

Can You Make Money On TikTok?

So you think Instagram and YouTube are the only apps that can make money? If your account in Tiktok is successful enough with followers or subscribers then it’s possible to monetize as much as $175,000 for each post. Making money from the app is not as hard if you are willing to put in some work. These social media accounts also have tens of millions of dedicated followers and likes, but with diligence, it’s possible for someone who started small can make tons.

derek trendz

Derek is one of many other teenagers who are trying to make a name for themselves on TikTok. He started off doing the same thing as everyone else, but now Derek has an opportunity that others don’t; he can enjoy watching his internet fame grow while still being young.

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