This Skeleton Hand Trend On TikTok Is Terrifyingly Cool

A new internet challenge has been making the rounds. Some of these virtual tests of skill are downright dangerous, like eating Tide pods or birdbox (yes that is a thing). Other TikTok challenges are marketing stunts for songs that probably wouldn’t have gotten popular without the use of social media influence. But not for this skeleton hand drawing challenge, which has gone viral on TikTok recently.

skeleton hand

Why Are TikTok Users Drawing Skeleton Hand On Themselves?

Who knows where these weird trends come from? No one can explain why Baphomet suddenly started trending on social media, or how teens got the idea to dress up in their best e-boy and e-girl outfits while doing a mirthless dance with empty eyes for likes. But here we are!

The reason why people went crazy for this TikTok trend of drawing bones on their phalanges is that it’s a good, easy Halloween costume idea. The spooky trend continued long after the creepy holiday season was over, and even past Thanksgiving. It didn’t stop until early December.

This trend has been going on for a while and it just keeps getting better. Check it out below:


@artbyhannahmayGive me idea of what else to do ♥︎♥︎ ##henna ##drawing ##artist ##skeleton ##skeletonhand ##fyp ##foryou ##hennaartist♬ original sound – SunriseMusic

You might be wondering why people can’t resist the skull and crossbones. There are a few possible reasons for this obsession, including: skeletons look cool; it’s human nature to want to know what lies beneath your skin; bones represent death which is kind of morbidly fascinating. This writer for The Atlantic suggests that the reason skeletons might be comical is because they represent humanity at its most “stripped down to its essence.”

While some people theorize that seeing skulls and bones actually captivate our imaginations because they are constant reminders of death, others believe it’s the reminder to make life more meaningful.


@fleurlindsay16Skeleton hand ##skeletonhand ##fyp ##fypシ ##viral♬ the freak show – YUNGBLUD


Different Ways On How To Draw Skeleton Hand

You can do it with a plain old black washable marker, or you could be more creative and permanent with it by grabbing a calligraphy pen or getting someone who’s talented with henna tattooing to do it for you.


@artsme96been wanting to do this ♡ ft: mi dallo hands •_• ##skeletonhand ##fyp ##trend ##foryou ##followingtrend♬ original sound – val

The spooky blue light effect mixed with a person’s skeleton hand is especially fun.


@jesstjyi tried skeleton hands 🤭 #skeletonhands #transition #fyp #hands♬ … is sweaty – Kellan

Do you think the trend is interesting or neat? If so, would you ever consider getting a permanent skeleton hands tattoo over your own hands to show off that bony frame underneath your skin? Maybe not though because if people see it they might think you’re flexing about all of the calcium in your body.


@e.l.u.c.e.yIt was so much fun last time, I had to do it again🙏 would you ever get a tattoo this big? 😳 ##art ##tattoo ##skeletonhand ##colorful ##foryou♬ Better Off Alone – Hellberg & Young Lungs

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