Frank Catania New Mysterious Girlfriend

Even though Dolores and Frank Catania of the Real Housewives of New Jersey have been divorced for some time, the two remain best friends. It’s understandable that some RHONJ fans would like to see the couple reunite, given that they represent the pinnacle of successful co-parenting.

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Sadly, the news that Frank had a mysterious new girlfriend shattered hopes that the Catanias would reunite, effectively ending the hopes of many fans. Even so, fans are eager to learn all they can about Frank’s new lady and speculate about whether or not she will ever appear on the show.

Who is Frank Catania’s girlfriend?

During the second part of the Season 10 reunions in early 2020, Frank Catania revealed that he had a new girlfriend. Despite the fact that he shared the information, he only revealed that his girlfriend was 30 years old. Even on social media, he has kept his girlfriend’s identity a secret. There are a lot of posts on his Instagram praising Dolores and their children, but there are no signs of his new love interest.

frankie catania

That could be because Frank’s girlfriend prefers to keep her personal life separate from RHONJ, but that’s being generous. When it comes to the show, even though Frank isn’t one of the main cast members, he’s featured enough to be able to open up about the most personal aspects of his life.

There were some rumors that he didn’t have a girlfriend at all, but it now appears that the two are still dating.

On Twitter, RHONJ fans started speculating that Frank didn’t have a girlfriend at all following his initial confession. In which case, it was Dolores, not him.

When they responded to rumors that they were still seeing each other, fans began to believe that they were back together. Dolores described her ex as “a guy I like spending time with once in a while,” while Frank said he would “stick by whatever Dolores says.”

As bad news for those who are still rooting for the two, it appears that Frank has found a long-term girlfriend. Frank talked about his relationship on the Side Piece podcast in early 2022, but he refused to name his partner or provide any other information.

“She’s never been on [the show],” he said. “And we took a little hiatus, we took a break, and we’re back together. And who knows? Maybe this year, the next season we film, she may make an appearance.”


“Believe me… the limelight is definitely not primary to her,” he continued.

As disappointing as this news may be to those who had hoped the Catanias would reunite, it appears that whoever Frank’s new girlfriend is, she “gets along great” with Dolores.