Social Media And OnlyFans Star Celina Powell Has Been Arrested Once Again

Once again, YouTube personality and OnlyFans star Celina Powell is dealing with legal issues. The social media star has made a name for herself by staging attention-grabbing stunts in which she alleges that Offset is the father of her child or raps about how Snoop Dogg cheated on his wife with her. Celina has discussed her arrests over the years, and how the trouble with the law began when she was just 16. On March 8, the terms of her probation were violated.

Celina Powell

When asked about her most recent arrest, the influencer confirmed that it was just a few months after another run-in with law enforcement. Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department confirmed that on March 8, Celina Powell was apprehended for driving with a suspended license. The report says that Celina was initially pulled over for failing to use her turn signal, she was arrested for continuing to drive without a valid license.

Celina Powell

In her 2019 vlog, Celina opened up about her various issues with breaking the law and how she lost her license. She said that after evading police years ago it’s been hard to get it back because of other parole violations.

“I went to jail again lmfao,” she wrote confirming her most recent arrest a day after it happened on her Twitter account. The same thing happened to Celina on New Year’s Eve in 2020. She shared a video from the back of the police vehicle that day.

The YouTuber was not impressed with her recent police photograph so she tweeted, “My mugshot ugly asf I just got f–ked so leave me alone I ain’t posting it this time lmao.”

Celina Powell

Celina’s latest run-in with the law has yet to be detailed, though she continues tweeting about other matters. The fallout from this incident remains uncertain at this time.

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