Let’s Get To Know More About Colin Kaepernick’s Siblings

Colin Kaepernick is an American football player who has become known for his activism against police brutality. He is using his platform to speak out against racial discrimination specifically about Black issues in America. He’s inspiring others with his donations of clothes and the Know Your Rights Camp to empower Black, brown people.

Prior to this, Colin’s dream to play football started when he was just a young kid. His family has been a huge support for him. We all know that Colin’s parents have had a strong relationship with him over the years, but what about his siblings?

When Colin was just five weeks old, he got adopted by Rick and Teresa Kaepernick. The couple was already parents to two biological children: a son named Kyle and a daughter, Devon. When they adopted Colin, Rick and Teresa had already lost two sons who died at birth due to congenital heart failure.

Colin Kaepernick siblings

Though Colin has made such a large name for himself over the years, Devon and Kyle still manage to stay out of the spotlight and lead regular lives. While Colin and Devon are often seen together, Kyle tends to keep a lower profile. It has been reported that he lives in California, but nothing else is known about him. Devon has not been very active on Instagram, but it seems that she did get married and has at least one child. Colin also has a sister-in-law named Lindsay who is probably Kyle’s wife.
Colin Kaepernick siblings

We can see how close the family is through Devon’s Instagram. Out of all her posts, many are about Colin and his football career but there are also pics with her, Colin, and other members of their family. Her first post is a shot of her and Colin at what appears to be her wedding. She’s also posted about Colin being such an awesome uncle.

Colin Kaepernick siblings

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