“You’re Done” Is The Latest Trend On TikTok – What Does It Mean?

TikTok is the ultimate hub for fun trends in social media. From hilarious Flip The Switch Challenge to Fold challenge, creators keep their audiences entertained every day. “You’re Done” may be following suit soon.

So, you want to know what this “You’re Done” trend means? Keep reading.

Jokes and funny moments are aplenty on TikTok. This latest short-form video trend is taking the world by storm, and its meaning couldn’t be more simple. The “You’re Done” trend is a fun and easy way to stop someone from going too far. For example, when someone is trading insults with another person and brings up their parents, it’s a great time to cut them off by saying “you’re done.” This is an excellent way to stop something problematic from continuing. @kittykatkittykatpur is the one who started this trend and we should thank her for it.

@kittykatkittykatpurur dun♬ original sound – kat

TikTok is giving the “You’re Done” trend royal treatment on their app. The audio is not just popular on other social media platforms; it has also been used 1.1 billion times as of this writing.

@ashleyandsamuel You’re done #fyp #youredone ♬ original sound – kat

TikToker Nate Honey has created his own version of the “You’re Done” video. In the video, you can see him talking on the phone with somebody he likes. When the friend takes his phone, he starts telling unnecessary information. You already know what’s coming — you’re done. Nate’s video has amassed 86,300 views and over 316K!

@nateehoney everytime be getting ahead of herself 😩😩 #fyp #funnyy ♬ original sound – kat

The “You’re Done” trend has TikTok in a chokehold. We suspect that the “You’re Done” trend will become a staple in TikTok communities, as it can be used for various purposes.

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