The Popular Students Were Shocked When Goth Girl Married The Athlete After High School

When I was in high school, I was a little goth girl with a secret, mad crush on an upperclassman who was both a wrestler and a cross country athlete. My cousin, whom everyone regarded as Miss Socialite, also had a crush on him and hit on him constantly. She and I were complete opposites–like the ends of the earth.

We rode the same bus to school, and I was pretty sure I was invisible to him–at least I felt that way. So one day his friends, all of whom were part of the popular kids club, started picking on me. I didn’t expect it, but the guy I had a crush on got up from the front of the bus and moved to where I was. He sat down next to me and threw his arm around me. All the popular kids instantly shut up.

Since that day, we started talking and became fast friends. This pissed off my cousin as she had a huge crush on him, as you recall because he ignored her very obvious advances. She later went to the school principal to try to get me expelled from school by saying she’d found a knife in my school locker and brought it to them. She even presented them with a drawing of me performing violent acts on some of the other students. All of this over a boy.

This totally ruined every friendship I had at school because people believed her lies. The only person who believed I didn’t do this (besides my parents) was the boy I had a crush on.

He and I remained friends even after I moved away to another town. We always kept in touch on the Internet and occasionally met up in real life at concerts and sports events, which was several times a year. We ended up going to the same college a couple of years later.

Today is my fourth year anniversary since going steady with him. We’ve been married for two years—we got engaged shortly after we both finished college. We’ve pooled our money together, and we can now afford to buy our own house and car, and our daughter’s nearly a year old. We have plans to move to another state in a few years and start our own business. As for my awful cousin, she never went to college because she got involved in drugs. I don’t believe her predicament was any form of justice. I can only feel sorry for her and hope she finds her way.

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