Are Emily Rudd and Paul Rudd Related

Sorry, Emily and Paul Rudd aren’t related. Sometimes two celebrities share a less-than-common last name—and we all want to know if that pair shares DNA! Sorry to say: Emily is not related to Paul.

Emily’s IMDb profile clarifies that she is not related to the Ant-Man and The Shrink Next Door actor. However, with some big-time television credits under her belt along with more on their way, Emily has already become a star in her own right…

emily rudd

Emily Rudd’s Fast Rise

Emily has an impressive IMDb filmography spanning back to 2013, when she was still a music video star. She appeared in the music videos for Boy & Bears’ “Three Headed Woman, 3LAU’s “We Came To Bang, Brandon Flowers’ “Can’t Deny My Love,” Röyksopp’s “I Had This Thing”, Motion City Soundtrack’s Lose Control” The Paper Kites’ Revelator Eye.” Dillon Francis and Skrillex also featured Emily their hits Bun Up The Dance and DJ Snake Let Me Love You”.

In 2018, Emily appeared in two TV anthologies. In an installment of Electric Dreams with Maura Tierney and Annalise Basso, she shared the screen while playing a role as Amanda Peet’s on-screen daughter for The Romanoffs episode. In the same year, she starred in a crime drama pilot called Olive Forever where she was set to play as an 18-year old cat burglar. She moves and has new foster parents and boyfriends while having to navigate through gangsters too.

emily rudd

In 2020, Emily returned to television in a guest arc on “Dynasty.” She played the role of Heidi, Liam Ridley’s ex-girlfriend. The CW drama was well received and ran for two seasons until it ended its run in 2022.

What Is Emily Rudd Working on Now?

Emily is set to become a main character in the Netflix horror trilogy Fear Street. She will star as Cindy Berman in Part Two: 1978 and play Abigail and Cindy, two characters from R.L Stine’s book series of the same name, in Part Three: 1666. Emily said, “We focus on characters that are normally the outcasts and we’re saying no! These people will survive. Be who you are even if an axe murderer is chasing after you.”

The multi-talented actress also revealed that she is filming the HBO Max sci-fi romcom film Moonshot opposite Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor as well as starring in the second season of Amazon Prime drama, “Hunters.” “In addition, some other cool projects are on their way which I can’t talk about yet but stay tuned!”