Meet Natasha Alexander Rodriguez: Alex Rodriguez’s First Born Daughter

Cynthia Scurtis was Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez’s first love before J-Lo, Cameron Diaz, or Kate Hudson. Even after Alex and J-breakup, Lo’s people are still curious about what happened to Alex’s first wife, which sparked the suspicions that Alex cheated on J-Lo.

What happened to A-Rod’s first wife?

Cynthia and Alex first met in the gym, where they both work out. Cynthia and Michael originally met in 1996 when both were using the Stairmaster at Los Angeles’ Body and Soul Gym, according to HollywoodLife. It’s worth noting that Alex was then a shortstop for the Seattle Mariners, and as such wasn’t exactly the baseball icon we know him to be today. According to a person who spoke to the publication, he was particularly attracted to fit ladies and persisted in asking her out many times before she finally said yes.

Alex proposed to Cynthia on her 30th birthday, and she accepted! The couple married in 2002 in Cynthia’s grandfather’s Texas estate, despite the fact that her family, a famous Florida Greek Orthodox family, first opposed the union because Alex was not Greek. Ella Alexander and Natasha Alexander Rodriguez are their two children.

natasha alexander rodriguez

After six years of marriage, the couple decided to call it quits. Following the spread of allegations that Alex had been spending a bit too much time in Las Vegas with a stripper, Cynthia filed for divorce.

“The marriage of the parties is irretrievably dissolved due to the husband’s extramarital relationships and other marital transgressions,” according to her petition for marriage, as stated by ESPN. In September 2008, the divorce was completed.


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Cynthia and their children are likely to spend the 2021 Christmas season with Alex.

When it comes to mixed families, this is one of the best examples. Us Weekly reports that Alex and Cynthia spend “a lot of time together” with their girls after Alex’s breakup from J-Lo. According to reports, the family has already gathered for Thanksgiving, and now they’re expected to do the same for the holidays.

This group is like one big happy family, according to an insider who spoke to the newspaper. And Cynthia’s new spouse Angel Nicholas is a good friend to Alex. “[The men’s] relationship has turned into a friendship — they support each other. There’s no bad blood there,” they said.

Alex and Cynthia’s brother, Alex’s long-term legal difficulties have likewise been resolved.

Constantine Scurtis, Alex’s ex-brother, and wife have filed a $50 million lawsuit against the MLB star for racketeering and embezzlement. The court rejected Alex’s request to dismiss the allegations on February 9, 2021.

To recoup some of his losses after Alex’s breakup with his sister, Constantine launched a $50 million lawsuit in 2011. When Alex and Cynthia were married, he and Constantine got into the real estate industry together, according to the Daily Mail.


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“[Alex] put up all the money for a 95% interest… [Constantine] was granted 5% because of his skills, plus a 3% purchase fee on properties,” were some of the conditions of the business arrangement. The company was named Newport Property Ventures, and the two partners had a $1 billion empire by 2008, with 5,000 flats and other properties.

Alex, on the other hand, persuaded Constantine to do the same, according to Vanity Fair “In order to keep the money in the company’s bank account, Constantine deferred the 3% purchase fees by $8 million. In addition, he claims that [Alex] removed his name from a number of the LLCs he and his business partner had formed for various real estate endeavors.”


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Midway through November of the year 2021, Alex and Constantine came to an unknown financial agreement. The deal was struck only moments before the case was supposed to go to trial.

Alex’s life seems to be in a state of perfect harmony at the moment. Cynthia and he are joyfully co-parenting (as shown in a cute image uploaded to Instagram) shows that life for the baseball icon is on the rise.