She Finally Left Her Husband When He Slapped Her For The Last Time

Yesterday, I walked out on my husband with the kids and didn’t come back.

After he spent the Sunday morning talking down to me and insulting me over the state of our house, because I had invited my friend over after church, and slapped me across the face after I became “too loud” for his liking (again – but this time in front of the kids ), I decided something needed to happen.

Then, when I started to vent to my friend after church, she luckily immediately noticed what’s going on and almost dragged me to our very capable and empathetic priests (both of whom were there, what a lucky coincidence!), who, after I broke down and told them the entirely of the grim history, told me that I basically needed to get out of there immediately.

So, my wonderful and heroically charitable friend, who had watched my kids (5, 3, 1 and I should probably mention I’m 6 months pregnant as well) along with her son and waited for me, only needed a brief information and immediately told me that we were going to he place instead and that I would be on vacation right now.

Both, she and the priest, thought it would be a good idea for me to stay at my in-laws (who know of my husband’s craziness and already had offered me all of their help and threatened him to never ever treat me like, well, he does now), but they’re not home right now and, again, my friend totally floored me by offering to stay at her place as long as I liked, despite it being a single flat for only her and her son.

She also took over the task of very basic communication with my husband who has been spamming us ever since we didn’t come home as expected.

Rationally I know that I did the right thing (and should have been doing it way earlier), but I’m so sad. I’m standing in front of nothingness. Well, through massive coincidence, a little nice flat is just becoming free in our circle of friends, and basically, I also have enough means to live on my own without problems.

But still, I’m sad and bitter about all of it. Not hopeless, though, in fact, I’m calm and confident, despite the suckiness of the whole situation.

Please talk me out of missing the cozy, nice homely moments already.

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