Officers Assist Elderly Woman Sweeping Debris On A Busy Road

On my way picking up Ava from school, there was a little old lady; I would say at least 80 years old, in front of her house (on an extremely busy street) picking up sticks, leaves, and debris from the sidewalk and curb. Cars were flying by the entire time; I was dreading not being able to assist (or at least offer assistance).

Within 10-15 minutes on our way back home, there were two patrol cars blocking the right lane and the officer was outside of this ladies house with a broom and trash can (as seen in the picture).

Please, someone, tell me again, why our law enforcement is so disrespected by the citizens? These are great people! Maryville is an amazing place to raise children! And, the Maryville Police Department – Illinois deserves a ton of recognition for that! So sweet! This happens way more than what small minded people assume.

A wonderful example of our great police officers going above and beyond their duty.

great officers

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