Mom Saves Baby From Serious Injuries After Falling 30-Feet Off Bridge

When Jennifer Duncan, age 23, of  Waco, Texas was involved in a fender-bender, she pulled her car over, got her 8-month-old son, Daniel, out of his car seat, and waited on the side of the bridge for first responders. That’s when another vehicle crashed into one of the parked cars, and launched the mother and son off the bridge.

As Jennifer and Daniel flew towards the asphalt 30 feet below, she wrapped her body around her son, creating a human cocoon, and shielded him from the impending impact.

“My main concern was keeping him safe, making sure he was going to be okay,” said Jennifer. “I just took like one second and– seeing that we were falling– I just tried to grab as tight as I can to him.”

Because of her quick thinking, Daniel not only survived the fall, he survived without injury. According to the GoFundMe page, “Jennifer’s Miracle,” baby Daniel had only a scratch: “Literally, just a scratch.”

“Jennifer’s heroic act for her son did not go without great personal sacrifice to her own well-being.”

Jennifer had a shattered pelvis, 9 broken bones in her back, fractured her legs, fractured her ribs, had spleen injuries, internal injuries, and even had to have a leg amputated.  She spent 2 months in the hospital and 1 month in rehab and has had 14 surgeries in 7 months.

Jennifer says the hardest part of recovery was not being able to pick up Daniel, but her desire to hold her son again was exactly what kept her going.

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