Man Berates Police Officer After Being Stopped, Then Posts This On Social Media

“Ok people ….. I’m having one of those days!

All day everything was going wrong from the minute I woke up, On our way home after a frustrating day, we got a flat tire on Highway 85. I turned on to a county road to get off of 85, and there is this state trooper just waiting for someone to break the law.”
I was out of my truck at this point inspecting the tire. He pulls behind me and his lights, jumps out and asks me “why didn’t you stop?” I FREAK OUT ON HIM! I just got a flat tire and didn’t want to stop on 85. He then asks me for my license and with my attitude ask if he wants other paperwork. Then continue to try and fix the problem.

I calm down, and he said he just wanted to know who he was talking to. He helps me get my tire off with his jack and tire iron. He then leaves because he said he needed to get gas. So my truck is sitting on a concrete chunk waiting on my sister-in-law to come with tools and the car to go get the tire fixed. When it starts to rain, so we jump in the truck and just wait. Me, Royce, and Channy on the side of the road waiting.

As we sit there discussing and cursing the day, State Trooper Jeremy CAME BACK with a plug kit for my tire. THEN he drives me 10 miles to the nearest air pump to fill it, then back to my truck. While I was filling up my tire, a gentleman stopped pumping gas and came over to thank State Trooper Jeremy for helping me.

My appreciation and gratitude are endless for this State Trooper. Much love, Jeremy. You won’t see this but just know you made a difference.”

officer act of kindness

The Colorado State Trooper, Jeremy Staruck, was featured on the Colorado State Patrol Facebook Page, as well as other local Facebook pages, for his kind and helpful gesture. However, Officer Staruck offered his help selflessly without any knowledge, desire, or expectation of any sort of commendation, and that is what makes a true hero.

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