Their Story Brings New Meaning To The “Perfect Match”

When Christian and Erinn first met, they had an immediate connection. She asked him to tell her something she didn’t know about him, and he said “I still think it’s going to rain when you step on a spider.”

He asked her the same question, she said that she was on kidney dialysis and was in need of a kidney donor. Though her father was identified as a potential candidate, he was diagnosed with cancer that eventually spread to his kidney, and as a result, could not donate to his daughter. Erinn was left with very limited options.

Erinn ended up getting really sick due to her condition.  That’s when Christian decided to get tested to see if he could be a potential donor. The chances were slim, since twin siblings and close family members are often the likeliest candidates. It’s usually impossible to find candidates outside of the family.

To everyone’s surprise,  Christian was told that he and Erinn were a perfect match.

The surgery took place at the beginning of February and Christian stayed by Erinn’s side the whole time.

kidney donor

Christian and Erinn have since become engaged. This truly is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts ever.

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