She Noticed Him Put Something In Her Drink…

Last night, a group of friends and I were out at a bar in downtown Denver when 2 guys approached one of my girlfriends. They took an immediate interest in her and proactively refilled her beer with their pitcher.

I got a weird vibe from the main one who was talking to her so I started watching them both pretty closely. They were both drinking water and had that leery feeling that just made my intuition tingle. After I told a guy friend what I was thinking, he told me “If you see something, say something.” Corny, but it made me act.

I asked the guy “Oh my gosh, can I have some of your beer?” He noticed me watching them before so he replied that I already had a full gin and tonic in my hand. I made him get a cup and pour me some. Once he had, I asked “Are you not drinking any beer? Do you want some of mine?” and tried to get him to take a sip. He wouldn’t. I whispered to my friend that I was pretty sure the pitcher was roofied and she didn’t take another sip.

Once they could tell I knew what was up, they both immediately left the bar. They walked away from us and less than a minute later, we couldn’t find them anywhere. They took their pitcher with them too. Thankfully my friend had only taken 1 sip of the beer and she was feeling super drunk, but not like I’m-going-to-pass-out roofied drunk.

I’m SO angry that this is something that actually happens out in the world. Why are there men like that out there who really think that’s an OK thing to do? It made me furious but I’m so glad I was able to stop them before she drank anymore. I just hope they went home immediately and not to a new bar to try and trick another unsuspecting drunk girl.

Please share my experience with any other women you know because we can never be too alert to sexual predators out there. Remember that most rapists don’t simply jump out of bushes or dark alleyways—most of these creeps you’ll find in bars, waiting to take advantage of any woman who doesn’t have her guard up.

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