Retro Toy Catalog Will Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again…

What would you give for the chance to have your old Transformers back again? How about those He-Man action figures you collected? We can’t bring back all those treasures back, but here is the next best thing: a guided tour through the toy section from JCPenney’s 1982 Christmas catalog.

You’ll be surprised how many of your favorite 80s toys are still around.  Check it out!

First, there was lots of great fashion and some very big hair on display in the clothing section of the catalog, but the best dressed models were  kids wearing Pac-Man merchandise.  Ms. Pac-Man had just made her debut.

If you were a real fan, you had your favorite matching sheets, pillows, drapes, pajamas and guitar.

The real decorating trend of the era was to take the Star Wars characters and put them over absolutely everything.

Those watches were pretty snazzy. Although, if you wanted to actually play those Star Wars video games, you would need a top of the line machine like this one:

Nowadays the games may have more creative names (Boxing and Tennis don’t sound very exciting) but there was nothing more fun playing Atari games for hours with your family.

If you were a little girl in 1982, you probably had some of these toys on your Christmas list:

The Barbie Dream House was every girl’s….well, dream. Be careful though: the dolls you see in the picture are not included.

Kids always loved the Peanuts characters, but there were lots of toys and dolls for fans of their TV specials to enjoy back in the 80s.

Wuzzles and Pound Puppies. Did you collect these?

Board games are still popular, but it’s interesting to see which ones have stood the test of time. When was the last time you remember playing Stop Thief?