Awesome Snowmen Carvings That Will Make Your Day

When the snow  is falling and the temperatures are rising, what better to do than make a snowman?  And it’s the perfect time to get a little more creative with building a snowman. Check out these epic snowmen…

Too Soon Snowman

This snowman is protesting his very existence.

Postal Snowman

Helping disgruntled civil service workers with his smile.

Godzilla Snowman

Godzilla was eating up cars in Buffalo, New York.

Taun Taun Snowman

Amarillo, Texas was blanketed by a huge snow storm.

Mutant Snowman

No words.

Unexpected Visitor Snowman

“Is there anybody home?”

Snow Englishman

This Brit made her snowman with Union Jack and St. George’s cross to show love for her country.

Snow Hipster

Florida Snowman

New Mexico Snowman


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