When He Desperately Needed A Job, His Teacher Changed His Life Forever

During high school my family was having a hard time with bills. My single mother was diagnosed with cancer, so my brother and I both worked two jobs to keep up with the bills.

During my senior year I was lucky enough to be able to be selected for an interview for an academic scholarship that would provide enough money for me to attend the university I was shooting for. I had plenty of financial aid because of our hardships, but the scholarship would allow me to continue to provide for my family while attending college.

I realized when selected for the interview that all my clothes were either too small, too big, or stained (I worked construction and at Taco Bell at the time.)

My anatomy teacher found out that I got the interview, and he knew my situation as well. He asked me if I had anything to wear to the interview, I told him I didn’t. The next day, he pulls me into the chemical storage closet and presents me with an extremely nice shirt and slacks.

He and I were about the same size, so it fit perfectly. He asked what size shoe I wore, and when I told him he kicked off his shoes, let me try them on. They fit well enough. He put them in a bag, and told me to keep it all. “You will be going to more than this interview in the future,” he said. He pulled out a spare pair of sneakers and wore them for the rest of the day.

The following day I get dressed, and I felt so proud. I actually I had clothes that fit. I went to the interview, and because of my confidence in my new attire I got the scholarship.

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