She Stayed In Her Friend’s Guesthouse And Was Stunned When Her Young Son Visited

A while ago, I was treated to a couple of pampering weeks in the beautiful mountains of Santa Barbara, California. I had asked my friends if I could stay in their guest house for the time I was finishing a book I was working on.

My first three days were incredible, and I was treated to two very special things on each of those days. First, the heavens opened up, and we were deluged with three days of uninterrupted rain. It was really quite cozy, but after a while, I had thoughts of building an ark.

My second treat came in the form of an assistant. Every day at noon, my friend’s son, Christopher, would come home from his kindergarten class and offer to “help” me. On the last day of the downpour, he asked me why it was raining so much. Just to make conversation I said, “Sometimes when it rains, it means that God is sad and he is crying.”

“He’s probably crying because Valentine’s Day is over,” explained my five-year-old prophet. In his very self-assured way, he went out into the rain, looked up and said, “Don’t worry, God. Valentine’s Day may be over, but Easter is coming soon!”

It wasn’t long after that the rain stopped!

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