As A Young Girl Growing Up She Learned How To Get Through Difficult Situations

I was always a fairly introverted, nervous child and it’s something I never grew out of. One thing that I have always been Immensely grateful for is a system that my mom and I had somehow developed to save me when I began feeling too overwhelmed when with my friends.

I don’t know how it started, but as early as my elementary school years we had an understanding. If I was with a friend and I wanted to stay the night, I would call my mom and ask “May I stay the night at ___’s?”

However, If I was uncomfortable, with a pushy friend who took no as a personal affront (had a few of those) or I really didn’t want to stay but didn’t want the backlash of saying no (particularly in the teenage years) I would say “___ wants to know If I can stay over tonight” She would say no and make up a reason or simply was “exercising her right as my parent to say no” giving me an immediate out.

It’s something I will continue when I eventually have kids of my own, regardless of gender, but will all the stories of crazy moms out there I wanted to share a good one. We still have a great relationship, and she’s currently helping me through wedding planning with my severe anxiety.

Did anyone else have a system with their parents like this?

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