10 Beautiful Locations To Start a New Life

Have you ever thought about moving somewhere and just saying goodbye to your current life?  Somewhere that the climate or culture better fits your personality?

This is such a large world we live in, there are so many choices.  Here are a few of the world’s most beautiful places to live.  Do you think you’ll take the leap?

Avarua, Cook Islands

Located about 2,000 kilometers north east of New Zealand, the tropical beaches of Avarua just as gorgeous as the Maldives or the Seychelles. But in contrast to the latter, renting an apartment here is just $130 a month. The island attracts few tourists: around 100,000 foreigners visit every year, compared to the eight million who go to Hawaii. So you won’t have crowds of people spoiling your enjoyment of observing the population of whales, going for long relaxing walks, and enjoying the amazing scenery.  The only catch is that foreigners aren’t allowed to buy property on the island, but they can rent it for 60 years.

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

This is a fairy-tale town is located in the Czech region of Bohemia. The whole town looks like one big castle from the Middle Ages. All of the streets are cobble stones. Trade fairs are held here and are identical to the ones during the Renaissance period, while there is also the Rose Festival once a year. Dinner for two will cost you about $20 here, and an apartment rents for $400 a month. The only challenge, you’ll need to learn to speak Czech!

Koh Thonsáy, Cambodia

This small island in southern Cambodia is a paradise of jungles and beaches. Practically no one lives her except for a few fishermen and their families.  It’s easy to find accommodations for a very small amount of money. Spend your time relaxing on the beach, or exploring the jungle caves. For only $5, the fishermen will cook you a delicious meal made from freshly-caught crab. Other seafood products will cost you no more than $1-2 here. The one drawback is that the island’s beaches are not well-kept, and areas of wilderness are sometimes taken over by wild dogs or other animals.

Guanajuato, Mexico

Located right in the heart of Mexico, Guanajuato is a hotbed of culture where you can rent a very good apartment here for just $150-200 a month; a drink will cost you less than $1, and a ticket to the cinema just $3. Guanajuato is also home to the famous Cervantino art festival.

The Pearl Islands, Panama

This is an amazing archipelago lying thirty kilometers to the west of mainland Panama. Pearls were once mined there and pirates used it as their hiding place. It’s now become a haven full of wonderful resorts used by the locals. A small house here by the sea rents for around $300 a month. The Pearl Islands are ideal for those who want to escape from the world. It’s probably one of the most impressive places on the planet.

Agonda Beach, Goa, India

The southern coast of Goa is a place where you can ride an elephant right on the beach. You can buy a bottle of wine for around 50 cents; a haircut around 60 cents, and to rent a holiday hut $120 a month. It’s also has plenty of temples and great places to practice yoga. This area of the country is fairly deserted, so the local inhabitants don’t have any problem with tourists.

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

This little place is nestled in a valley in northern Bulgaria. A bottle of wine will cost you just 80 cents, and an apartment will cost $200 a month to rent. The population is 70,000. The downside, the city’s infrastructure could do with some improvements.

Hồ Cốc, Vietnam

The south-east coast of Vietnam is famous for its 11,000 hectares of tropical fores and its huge barrier reef. This is the best place in Asia to go diving. You can find an apartment for around $150-200 a month.

Ksamil Beach, Albania

If you’re looking  for a quiet life, the southern tip of Albania is an ideal place. It boasts a Mediterranean climate, a nearby national park, and local cuisine is mainly olive oil, tangerines, and 30 different kinds of fish.  It’s much less expensive here than it’s neigbors Greece, Italy or Croatia.  A drink will cost you 90 cents, your average meal is around $6, and an apartment rental is $100-120 a month.

Las Trancas, Chile

The most incredible mountain views in all of South America are in Las Trancas. You can ski here all year round, with accommodation costing around $300 a month. The richer tourists live on the mountain slopes themselves, while the more experienced visitors and locals prefer the countryside below. The only potential downside, there is not other season, just winter.

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