If You Have This Quarter Floating Around In Your Spare Change, It Is Worth $30,000…

Coin collectors usually check coins from all countries and currencies. Some collect shiny metal pieces because they look nice, while others collect coins because of their value.  Many of them collect coins in hopes of finding a super rare coin that will be valuable.

There are many coins that exist in our society today that could be worth the price of a new luxury car.

This nickel is worth over $2,000! It is a very rare coin that dates back to the 20’s, and good luck in finding one of these rare buffalo nickels.

valuable 1970s quarter

Although this may look like an ordinary quarter, it is worth much more than just 25 cents.

This 1970’s quarter was part of a minting error. It was actually printed on top of a 1941 quarter from Canada. If you look right above the word dollar, there in very small print, 1941 is imprinted into the coin as well.

If you happen to be lucky enough to have one of these quarters, you can sell it on Ebay for as much as $35,000. Time to check your quarters!

valuable 1970s quarter

Another valuable coin to check out is this dime from 1916. This is a mercury dime and is worth tens of thousands of dollars if you find it.

Just look for the liberty dimes, and check to see if this recognizable face is on the front.

valuable 1970s quarter

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