Struggling Mother Of 4 Whose Husband Was Dying Of Cancer Gets Surprise Of Her Life…

Jessica Reboredo is a hardworking waitress at Chili’s and a mother of four beautiful children.  At the same time Jessica was pregnant with her fourth child, she also learned her 24-year-old husband was sick with testicular cancer.

Jessica is the type of woman who remains so strong out of love for her friends and family, she evokes the same response from others.

waitress surprise

His cancer quickly spread to his stomach and then to his lungs. Jessica thought her family was alone in their fight to bring daddy home.

Kimberly was Jessica’s second-grade teacher, had stayed in contact with her. When she heard her story, she decided to offer this inspiring woman some help. Kimberly reached out to the Fox 5 Surprise Squad with Jessica’s story.

waitress surprise

The Surprise Squad responded by supplying restaurant goers with large tips to give to Jessica. Initially, a woman gave her $200, and then a man gave her $300, and another man laid out $1000 for her, bringing her to tears.

As if that was not enough, the Surprise Squad entered Chili’s with a large pink box for her. Inside was a gift of $10,000 to help ease Jessica’s struggle.

In tears, she admitted she had just spent the last night in her car. The blessings did not stop there.

Hotel accommodations had already been made for her and they were going to supply her with a car to easily visit her husband in California during his cancer treatments.

Jessica hugged the news team, thanking them. “You guys are my angels,” she said.

Sadly, Jessica’s husband Robert lost his life at the age of 25 in August of 2016. Through this heartache, the kindness and generosity of friends and strangers have been an ongoing source of encouragement for Jessica and her four little ones.

If you wish to give financially to the Reboredo family, visit their GoFundMe page. We’re thankful for people like Kimberly, the entire Fox 5 Surprise Squad, and all those who’ve donated in some way to help Jessica’s family during this very sad time.

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