This Is The Only Reason Why Historia Reiss of ‘Attack on Titan’ Got Pregnant

Spoiler alert: This article includes Attack on Titan spoilers.

Attack on Titan is one of those animes and mangas that deals with serious subjects. The warriors of the Survey Corps are continually putting their lives on the line in a world that is constantly threatened by disaster. Death is a recurring topic in this show, and it’s difficult to go through an episode without hearing about it.

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However, a few lives are introduced to the world during the course of the episode. Historia Reiss has a baby girl in Chapter 134 of the novel, but why did she become pregnant in the first place?

What caused Historia to become pregnant?

Historia becomes pregnant to preserve the island of Paradis, according to Attack on Titan fandom. She was told she needed to eat Zeke Jaeger, the current holder of the Beast Titan, in order to inherit the ability and pass it on to her children. Historia was instructed to bear as many children as she could in a 13-year period in order for them all to inherit the skills and safeguard the island.

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In order to properly utilize the powers of the Founding Titan, Eren Jaeger requires someone of royal lineage to inherit a Titan. He won’t be able to employ the Titan’s true skills without this connection. This strategy, however, is never successful. Before she can consume Zeke, Historia becomes pregnant. Eren is dead by the time she gives birth, and the threat to Paradise is gone.

However, according to the Beast Titan’s Fandom page, one soldier felt she became pregnant in order to avoid becoming a Titan at all. The only way to get a Titan is to consume the one who currently holds it. Historia didn’t want to eat Zeke, according to Reog, and used her pregnancy as a pretext to avoid doing so. She would have killed her child if she had eaten him when she was pregnant.

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Although Reog’s fears are never proved, being a Titan has several drawbacks. For one thing, after inheriting a property, a person only lives for 13 years. This would also mean that someone other than Historia would have power over her life and what she does with it. That’s not something she wants to happen after being forced to live in solitude throughout her youth.

Who is the father of Historia Reiss’s child?

Despite the fact that Attack on Titan does not say who the dad of Historia’s daughter is, most fans believe it is Eren Jaeger. However, this theory appears to be improbable. We only know that the father and Historia both grew up in the same hamlet, but that they were not close.

historia reiss

We know that as a child, the father of Historia’s child bullied the lonely Historia, as well as other village kids. He publicly supports Historia when she opens an orphanage as an adult. Although the series does not explicitly portray this, it is possible that the two develop affections for each other at this point. Historia eventually falls pregnant by this man, and the two marry a few years after their daughter is born.

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