Be Aware Of The Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes And Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes is known as a silent killer.  The reason being it is very hard to recognize the symptoms that may easily be confused with other diseases. The WHO(World Health Organization) confirms that about 400 million people around the world suffer from this nasty disease.

When you identify diabetes symptoms at an early stage, you have a better chance to stop the many complications that may happen if the disease progresses undetected.

You can live a quality life despite having diabetes if you take medication on a regular basis and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

diabetes symptoms

Here is a list of early symptoms of diabetes:

Urinating Frequently

When you suffer from diabetes, your body is not able to transport and use the glucose you take into your body. The result is raised blood sugar. Your body has to fight to lower the level of your blood sugar, so it flushes the sugar into your urine and this way forces it out of your body.

Thirst Is Increased

Frequent urination leads to losing fluids. That is why drinking lots of liquids and constantly feel thirsty can also be a symptom of diabetes. If you consume drinks containing too much sugar, your blood sugar becomes raised, and you will have frequent urination.

diabetes symptoms

Constantly Moody, Hungry and/or Grumpy

Excessive hunger is a very common symptoms of diabetes. Why ? Because your body is unable to transport glucose from the food, the energy simply doesn’t reach the brain. Next, Therefore, your brain is unable to register the intake of food into your body, making you feel hungry, moody and edgy.

Wounds That Do Not Heal

You may have noticed that your cuts and wounds are not healing well.  High blood sugar has a tendency to damage blood vessels, making the healing process of the wound slow in those who suffer from diabetes.

Unexpected Weight Loss

If you suffer from diabetes, you may be prone to losing weight without any effort. This is an important sign your body is in trouble. As previously explained, the glucose from food gets flushed into the urine and your body assumes this as a lack of calories and uses protein from your muscles.

Diabetes is a pretty serious disease. You can stop or even control its progression if you notice diabetes symptoms early on. If there is a genetic predisposition, you should get a check-up at least once a year. It’s important to live a healthy lifestyle. 

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