Instead Of Tossing Out Clothes That Have Deep Stains, Try These Lesser Known Removal Methods

Do you have all sorts of stains that on your clothes and just cannot figure out how to remove them? You think that only a professional cleaner can get rid of grease, blood, coffee and ink stains. However, here are easy and inexpensive ways to get rid of these unsightly stains by yourself at home. Check out the fabulous spot removing tips below!

Get Rid Of Armpit Stains

Mix 1 teaspoon of liquid Dawn dish soap, 3 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide, and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Scrub this mixture into the stain with a brush, and watch the discoloration disappear like magic.

This is also a good universal stain remover, too and even works on colored fabrics, too!

removing stains from fabric

Chalk It Up

Chalk “pens” work just as well as stain removing pens and they are much less expensive! If you happen to drop grease on your blouse while eating out, just rub chalk into the stain. It quickly absorbs the oily residue!

removing stains from fabric

Ink Blotter

Ink stains are near impossible to get remove, but as long as the stain hasn’t set in, you won’t have to make a trip to the dry cleaner. Just soak a cotton pad in denatured alcohol and blot the stain with it. When the cotton ball starts to get dark, you know it’s working.

Grab a fresh piece of cotton, dip in alcohol, and repeat the process until the ink mark finally disappears.

removing stains from fabric

Spray On, Spray Off

Hair spray can also be used to remove ink stains. Generously soak the ink stain with hair spray, and then quickly blot it with a wet paper towel.

removing stains from fabric

Bleed It Out

Blood stains are a bit of a challenge.  Simple soak the stain in cold water and rub the unsightly mark with a bar of soap.  Then, gently hand wash the piece of clothing in cold water.

For tougher stains, try using hydrogen peroxide or ammonia to lift it out.

removing stains from fabric

Don’t Whine Over Wine

Just reach for the salt and club soda! To get rid of the wine splotches, grab a bottle of club soda and pour it directly onto the stain. The goal is to get moisture to the stain right away to help dilute it. Blot at the stain with a paper towel. If necessary, pour more club soda onto it and keep blotting it until the red wine has finally been soaked up.

Another simple way to get rid of red wine: salt. Quickly rub it into the stain so that it will absorb the wine. Leave it to dry overnight, and then launder the fabric in cold water the next morning.

removing stains from fabric

Egg Wash

There’s a cool trick to removing brown coffee marks, and it involves using another morning favorite – eggs. Whisk together a whole egg and warm water, then dip a wet sponge into the mixture. Liberally apply this to the coffee stain, and use a brush to scrub the discoloration away.

removing stains from fabric

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