After A Woman Angrily Put A Camera In The Face Of An Officer, His Comeback Left Her Speechless

Society has learned to hate police officers and show them very little appreciation in spite of the sacrifices they perform to keep their cities safe. What this woman wrote makes absolute sense. You have to read this.

I was downtown the other day when I noticed a protest rally going on and I couldn’t help notice a woman sticking her camera in the face of the police officer and rudely screaming at him. The police officer calmly, without physically grabbing her, told her to stop yelling at him and that he was simply doing his job by making sure the protest stayed orderly without turning into a violent riot. She backed down from screaming at him, apparently shocked that he didn’t simply grab her and shove her to the ground for harassing him, and walked away.

It’s not the police who need to be retained, it’s the public. We have grown into a mouthy, cell phone wielding, vulgar, uncivil society with no personal responsibility and the attitude of it’s the other person’s fault’, ‘you owe me’. A society where children grow up with no boundaries or knowledge or concern for civil society and personal responsibility.

When an officer says “Putt your hands up,” then put your hands up! Don’t reach something in your pocket, your lap, your seat. There’s plenty of reason for a police officer to feel threatened, there have been multiple assaults and ambushes on the police officers lately. comply with the requests from the officer, have your day in court. don’t mouth off, or fight, or refuse to comply.. that escalates the situation.

Police officers are our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. they’re black, white, brown, all colors, all ethnicities, all faiths. male and female, they are us. They see the worst side of humanity..the raped children, the bloody mangled bodies of traffic victims, the bruised and the battered victims of domestic violence, homicide victims, body parts.. day after day.

They work holidays while we have festive meals with out families. They miss school events with their kids, birthdays, anniversaries, all those special occasions that we take for granted. they work in all types of weather, under dangerous conditions, for relatively low pay.

They have extensive training, but they are human. when there are numerous attacks on them, they become hyper vigilant for a reason, they have become targets. when a police officer encounters any person..any person, wether at a traffic stop, a street confrontation, an arrest, whatever.. that situation has the potential to become life threatening. You. Mr & Mrs/Miss Civilian, also have the responsibility of keeping the situation from getting out of control.

Many law enforcement officers are Veterans. They’ve been in service ti this nation most of their lives, whether on the battlefield or protecting us here at home. They are only that stands between us and anarchy in the streets.

If you want to protect your child, teach them respect.

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