Rather Than Help Rescue Lost Cows, Police Brutally Hunt The Animals

We have a devastating story to share out of Michigan today. The Washtenaw County Police Department were recently out searching for two cows that escaped from a farm. Dan McKernan, the Executive Director of Barn Sanctuary, a non-profit farm animal sanctuary, immediately went to the scene with a trailer to humanely rescue the cows. Instead of allowing Dan to compassionately bring the cows to the sanctuary, a horrific situation unfolded.

cows brutally hunted

To document what was happening, Dan started a Facebook Live video and shared how first he was trying to find out where the cows were. He heard gunshots but didn’t know where they were coming from. He saw an empty police car, but no police officer. There was also a helicopter hovering above the scene. Growing frustrated and only wanting to help, Dan learned the heartbreaking truth: the police had already KILLED one cow – which was also skinned, although it is unclear if that was the police’s action or not – leaving the animal’s carcass in the woods.

The second cow was still being hunted and Dan was told to leave by police, despite being able to transport and provide shelter for the innocent cow. In a second Facebook Live video, Dan finds the butchered cow’s body and is understandably upset to learn that instead of trying to help the cows, the police department took out their guns and went hunting. To watch the footage, you can click here, but we must warn you, it’s extremely graphic.

Police warned residents to use caution if they saw the cows, stating that cows can be “aggressive,” which paints them to be a threat … perhaps a half-baked justification for their brutal murder of these innocent animals.

Cows are extremely intelligent and emotional animals. Studies have shown that when cows are with their best friends, their stress levels decrease and when separated from them, their stress levels increase. But sadly, because cows and other farm animals are typically considered “food,” they are treated like commodities rather than individuals.

If you are as outraged as we are at this misuse of the police force, please send polite comments to the Washtenaw County Police Department and encourage your friends to do the same. Many animal lovers have voiced their outrage towards the police department in the comments on Dan’s videos and it’s important to always speak up when we see blatant animal abuse.

Barn Sanctuary works tirelessly to make the world a better place for all. To learn more about the work they do on behalf of farm animals, click here.

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