Woman Requests Shelter For Oldest, Hardest To Adopt Dog That No One Else Wanted

Most people who enter a shelter wish to find a perfect pet to take it home, but this was not the case with Melani Andrews.

This dedicated 72-year-old dog rescuer decided to get “the oldest, hardest to adopt dog” instead.

adopting old dogs

The grandmother had recently lost her husband and her Staffordshire terrier, Lola, who was a great comfort to her.

Melani explains that she felt a little depressed after it all, so her grandchildren came over one night and advised her to find somebody to keep her company. She could no longer sit around all by herself, feeling lonely and sad.

adopting old dogs

When the shelter staff took her to a kennel to choose a dog, while the other two dogs ignored her, Jake perked up and started howling, so Melani understood it as a sign that he wanted to go, so she decided to take him.

adopting old dogs

The social media page of the City of Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter informed that Jake has been there for a long time, is a senior and has a tumor and various skin problems.

Yet, that was all Melani asked for, to save his life and give her unconditional love, not even thinking about the number of vet bills she would have to pay to care for the 12-year-old aging dog with terminal skin tumor, who was also deaf and partially blind.

adopting old dogs

Yet this dog fulfilled her life, and Melani claims that she laughs a little bit more every day.

She says Jake knows she loves him, and he goes to her, rubs up against her and asks her to rub his backside. He even noses her with his nose.

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