Pastor Taught A Young Man A Lesson When He Was Judging Others

A youth went to the pastor and said: “Pastor, I won’t be going to church anymore.”

The pastor responded, “But why?”

The youth said “Ah! I saw a sister speaking bad of another sister; a brother that can’t read well; the worship team living wrong; people looking at their phone during service; among so many other things wrong in the church.”

The pastor replied “OK. But before you go, do me a favor: take a full glass of water and walk three times around the church without spilling a drop on the floor. Afterward, leave the church if you desire.”

The youth thought: too easy!

And he walked three times around as the pastor had asked. When he finished, he told the pastor he was ready.

And the pastor asked, “When you were walking around the church, did you see a sister speaking bad about another sister?”

The youth replied “no.”

“Did you see anyone looking at their phone?”


“You know why?”


“You were focused on the glass, to make sure you didn’t tip it and spill any water. It’s the same with our life. When our focus is on our Lord Jesus Christ, we don’t have time to see the mistakes of others.”

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