Check These Signs From Your Face To Determine What May Be Wrong In Your Body

In order to have healthy looking skin, you have to have exceptional health.  However, if you do have skin issues of any kind, it could be an indicator that there is something going on in your body.

Face mapping reveals the varying health condition of parts of your body according to the obvious changes on your skin. Face mapping leans on the Ayurveda philosophy and Chinese medicine.

Take a look at the following explanations and if needed, learn how to treat your problems.


Part Of The Body Affected: Liver and gallbladder

Explanation: Our forehead is connected with our nervous system and digestion. If you have skin problems in this area, this may indicate that your digestive system is having some issues or you have excessive stress.

What To Do: Avoid processed food as well as foods with too much sugar and fats. Instead, eat veggies and fruits in order to stimulate your digestion. Also, drink fresh juices, dandelion tea and lemon all in a warm water mix to clean the liver.

It will be very helpful to try with methods including – music, exercise, meditation, yoga, visualization.

Between your eyebrows to the left

Part Of The Body Affected: Spleen

Explanation: If you have lines here, they indicate some hidden emotions that are placed in your spleen.

What To Do: Try with yoga, reiki, counseling, breathing techniques or guided meditation.

Between your eyebrows to the right

Part Of The Body Affected: Liver

Explanation: Skin lines or wrinkles in this area indicate unexpressed anger that is actually stored in the liver.

What To Do: Try with yoga, reiki, breathing techniques, write notes or a diary. It is very important to have a healthy diet in order to keep your liver healthy and to do that you should avoid fats and alcohol.


Part Of The Body Affected: Intestines, joints and thyroid gland

Explanation: ‘Spotty’ discoloration of iris indicates intestinal malabsorption problems. Also, if you notice a loaded white color over your iris, this may indicate joint degeneration issues. Little irises are typically not a great sign and they are connected with joint problems in general.

Moreover, lack of color in the ring that surrounds the iris is related to excessive intake of sugar and salt.

What To Do: Start consuming anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric, bone broth (organic), oily fish, ginger, walnuts, and linseeds/flaxseeds. In addition, limit the consumption of sugar and salt, processed foods as well as caffeine.

Under The Eyes

Part Of The Body Affected: Kidney

Explanation: Dark and swollen lower eyelids usually indicate kidney issues.

What To Do: Drink as much filtered water as possible since dehydration can worsen the function of your kidneys.

Also, you should sleep well, avoid stress and consume less coffee as well as alcohol.


Part Of The Body Affected: Lungs, malabsorption, and sluggish metabolism

Explanation: Colorless patches on the cheeks may indicate problems with metabolism as well and malabsorption. Furthermore, certain color patchiness with the cheek area can be a sign of lungs issues.

What To Do: Breathing techniques can significantly improve your lung capacity. Moreover, cardio exercises prove to be very helpful in increasing the metabolism and in lung function improvement. It is very important to chew well before swallowing. This will ease the pressure on your digestive system as well as absorption. Try to consume drinks and foods with antioxidants since that provide additional protection from skin damage.


Part Of The Body Affected: Cardiovascular system

Explanation: Skin problems in this area indicate issues with blood pressure.

What To Do: Increase the intake of heart-friendly foods such as avocado, nuts, tahini, oily fish and linseed/flaxseeds. Avoid drinks like coffee and alcohol, since they work as an artificial booster of our cardiovascular system.

Bottom Lip

Part Of The Body Affected: Digestive system

Explanation: Pale lips can indicate anemia. Also, if you have brown spots on the bottom lip area, this may be a sign of various disorders such as indigestion, parasites/worms problems as well as insufficiency of digestive enzymes.

What To Do: Bolster your diet with iron-rich foods, including red meat and the leafy vegetables. In addition, try natural treatments for worming and parasites as well as boosting your probiotic intake.


Part Of The Body Affected: Lungs and toxin overload

Explanation: if you examine your tongue in the mornings, you can find out a lot about your general health condition.

If you spot abrasion, or the ‘frothiness’ at the edges of the tongue, this may indicate a problem either with the lungs or a toxin overload. White buildup in this area may indicate the same issues.

What To Do: enrich your diet with raw foods as well as fresh homemade juices. Also, try meditation as well as cardio exercises.


Part Of The Body Affected: Stress and hormonal imbalance

Explanation: Issues around your chin area can reveal hormonal imbalances and stress issues. Most women may notice the changes in this area during certain days of the menstrual cycle.

What To Do: Don’t use commercial cleaning products to treat skin problems in this area. This will just make it worse.

Instead, use maca powder to heal your skin. Also, get proper sleep, rest and reduce stress as much as possible.


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