Woman Gets Pregnant Through In Vitro Fertilization

Carolyn and Sean Savage of Ohio got the shock of their life when they learned the fetus the wife was carrying was not their child. There was an IVF (in vitro fertilization) mix-up at the hospital.

The couple wanted a fourth child and had problems getting pregnant because Carolyn was no longer fertile.

The IVF procedure was successful, and Carolyn became pregnant. However, her happiness was tested when doctors told the couple they implanted another couple’s embryo in her by accident.

While the couple was upset, the decision to carry the baby to term was never in question. They knew how hard it was to conceive.

Carolyn said they looked at the situation as a gift for the other family who did not know a baby existed eight months ago. She said both her and Sean will always wonder about the child. Despite being told it would be her last chance to get pregnant, Carolyn gave birth to the child and handed the baby to her “real parents.”

Shannon Morell, the child’s biological mother said the emotions women have during pregnancy – to bond with the baby during that time – she never got to feel. She said she has an empty feeling because she will never get to feel the baby kick or hold the baby after delivery.

The couple named their son, Logan.

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