She Praised The Nurse For Being Such A Compassionate Person

This is long and sappy, but I’m so thankful, I just had to share. I woke up to my nurse changing my IV, and out of nowhere I just started asking personal questions. Why she got into the medical field, how long she’s been in it, where she’s from and whatnot.

She seems to be a Philippino woman in her mid/the late 30s oldest early 40s. She said she’s been in the medical field for 13 years, she wanted to do it, so that she could take care of her mother when she got older, but now she lives in the States and her mother lives in the Philippines, and that makes her sad.

I told her don’t be sad because, for every life she helps, she helps her mother. We all see from similar eyes, bleed similar blood, and love with similar hearts I thanked her for making every single choice she had ever made that led her up to this very moment in life, and how I will never ever forget waking up so peacefully to her helping me and making sure I was okay. She was just staring at me all glassy-eyed, and I told her, “I am so very much proud of you, and I know your mama is too.” She started crying and hugged me and told me that she wishes I achieve everything I ever set out to achieve, and how thankful she is forgetting to cross paths with me.

Never stop doing little things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

little things occupy biggest heart

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