Man Sues Date For Cost Of Movie Tickets After He Didn’t Approve Of Her Etiquette…

Brandon Vezmar met a woman via Bumble and they went to have pizza for their first date. They also went to see the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

After the date, Vezmar sued the woman for the cost of movie tickets he paid for after she allegedly texted during the movie.

The lawsuit stated the woman opened her phone several times to text 10 to 20 times during the movie. The damages are modest, but the lawsuit is more about the defendant’s behavior during the movie.

Vezmar filed court papers that read “texting is in violation of the theater’s policy, as it can affect the viewing experience of others” including Vezmar.

Vezmar said he told her that the texting was upsetting and she responded that she was texting her friend. He asked her to take the texting to the lobby so they wouldn’t get kicked out. According to Vezmar, she agreed to leave and never came back.

When Vezmar asked the woman for reimbursement on the ticket prices, she said “No.  That is when he decided to file the lawsuit. He is aware that doing so may look weird to others.

According to Vezmar’s date, she did go on a date with him but decided to end it early. She said his behavior made her uncomfortable and she felt her safety was more important. She said the situation has escalated beyond what normal people and feels bad she hurt his feelings. She can’t believe that he needed to seek revenge. The woman said she hopes Vezmar can find some peace in his life.

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