Marijuana-Infused Keurig Coffee Pods Have Hit The Market

The legalization of marijuana in several US states has opened the floodgates to a slew of new weed-infused products in the marketplace.

Cannabis users can now get their Mary Jane fix in the form of tampons (for menstrual cramps), wine, and….. coffee?

Yes – coffee.

Thanks to our friends at Brewbudz, you can now brew your own weed-infused coffee in a Keurig. Each pod contains 10 milligrams of THC meshed with 100 percent Arabica beans. “Coast Roast” is the only flavor currently available in both regular and decaf, though hazelnut and French vanilla flavors will hit the market soon.

While you might think that adding weed to your coffee would mellow you out, the cannabis is “sativa-dominant,” which means it gives an uplifting effect, as opposed to the calming impression “indica” cannabis presents.

While there is an inevitable high that comes from consuming the product, Brewbudz has focused their messaging to highlight the medical benefits rather than the high. Medical users can get a bit of a stronger pod, which can have from 25 to 50 milligrams of THC.

“It is a discreet method to deliver the medicine you require,” Brewbudz says on its home page.

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